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Challenges with current
ballast water inspection

Laborsome water sampling procedure.

Water sampling requires a great deal of effort. 1,000 liters of ballast water needs to be sampled and concentrated using a large plankton net.

Difficult to use
inspection equipment.

The inspection of ballast water required specialized knowledge and delicate work, only a limited number of people could work.

  • 2 ~ 3 people are required for each sampling.
  • Time consuming to sample and inspect water.
  • Costly inspection.
  • Highly specialized job requiring knowledge and experience.

Application and inspection flow

Ballast water can be sampled and inspected onboard by minimum number of personnels.

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Both the Ballast Catch and Ballast Eye can be stored in backpacks for easy to carry onboard.
The compact equipments enables ballast water sampling and indicative analysis work to be completed onboard.

Ballast Catch product photo

Viable Organism Sampler
Ballast CatchVOS01SP

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  • Portable
    (Easy to carry onboard)

    The Ballast Catch and all accessories such as hoses and sample bags are compact enough to be stored in the backpack.

  • Easy and quick instration

    The unit can be mounted onboard easily with hooks or bands. Just connect the piping, then run the ballast water.

  • Highly reliable

    The Ballast Catch uses the same material as plankton net, minimizing the damage to organisms during sampling.

Ballast Eye product photo

Viable Organism Sampler
Ballast EyeVOA1000K

  • ≥50μm and 10-50μm size of phytoplankton and zooplankton

    Unlike conventional method of measuring chlorophyll of phytoplankton, the Ballast Eye is able to analyze both phytoplankton and zooplankton by utilizing FDA vital stain to react with enzymes which exist in both microorganisms.

  • Fast and Accurate Measurement

    For the best accuracy, Ballast Eye counts actual number of organisms passing in front of the detector without being affected by the light intensity.

  • Portable Design

    With its compact portable design, Ballast Eye can be used for commissioning test, PSC and self inspection.

  • Comply with various safety standards

    Ballast Eye has earned the UL Certified Mark.

    In addition, it has been certified with the CE marking and the KC mark, so it can be used safely overseas.

Analysis methods accepted
by the IMO

Discharged ballast water must meet IMO D-2 standards. Ballast Eye uses an analysis method accepted by the IMO. The PSC inspects discharged ballast water in accordance with these standards. Both phytoplankton and zooplankton have to be analyzed to protect the marine environment.

Ballast water discharge standard (IMO D -2 Standard)

American Bureau of
Shipping certification

ABS American Classification

Partnership with the world's leading shipping company group

MOL Techno-Trade, Ltd., a core trading company in the Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Group, is the sole distributor of these products, providing Ballast Eye and Ballast Catch to ship owners, ship management companies, and inspection organizations around the world. We will help our customers solve their problems in cooperation with good maritime partner, MOL Techno-Trade, Ltd.



Large ships sailing around the world.
The movement of aquatic organisms carried by ballast water on these ships is causing ecological damage and damage to economic activities, and has become a problem all over the world.
This problem has become more serious year by year. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) adopted and put into effect the "Ballast Water Management Convention", which sets standards for the discharge of ballast water and promotes the installation of ballast water treatment equipment.
It is expected that ballast water treatment equipment will be installed and inspected in port countries.

※Ballast water is water loaded as a weight to ensure safety when a ship is empty. discharged at the port of arrival.

Utilizing time proven
analysis technology


Since its establishment in 1896, Satake Corporation, which develops this product, has supplied its products to about 150 countries around the world, mainly in the field of grain processing and food processing machinery such as rice milling machines.

In addition, we are actively developing new businesses that take into account the needs of the times, such as in the fields of milling using rice processing technology, foods, environmental equipment, and industrial machinery.

The impetus for the creation of this product was "Ballast Water Management Convention". The treaty is expected to meet the organism inspection needs of ballast water, and a product development project was launched based on the idea that the "Grain inspection and analysis technology" cultivated by our company over many years could be applied.

Our company's quality and environmental policy is "In all business activities, strive to reduce environmental impact by promoting environmental conservation, energy conservation, resource conservation, and pollution prevention." It says. In recent years, the term SDGs has become widely used, and many companies and organizations have become aware of the "Contributing to the creation of a sustainable society". our company, for the first time since the adoption of SDGs in 2015, has been working on its mission to "Building a sustainable society with less environmental impact". From the viewpoint of protecting the marine environment, I hope that this "Ballast Water Management Convention", which is in line with our company's wishes, will be ratified by the countries of the world as soon as possible. In order to achieve this, it is essential to have processing equipment with reliable performance and inspection equipment that can prove its performance. We hope that our company's "Ballast Water Inspection Solution" will help protect not only the marine ecosystem but also the agriculture, forestry and fisheries industries that are concerned with it.

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